The initial assessment and management of seriously injured patients is a challenging task and requires a rapid and systematic approach. This systematic approach can be practiced to increase the speed and accuracy of the process but the good clinical judgment is also required. Although described in sequence, some of the steps will be taken simultaneously. The aim of Joints India trauma care is to prevent early trauma mortality. Early trauma deaths may occur because of failure of oxygenation of vital organs or central nervous system injury, or both. Assessment and management will begin out of the hospital at the scene of the injury and good communication with the receiving hospital are important.

Why Choose Joints India For Trauma Care:

 Joints India is well equipped to provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary emergency treatment
 Proper Facilities for Traumatic Injuries
A best possible chance for survival and recovery
 Surgeons capable to perform knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, elbow and wrist surgeries
 Preoperative evaluation and postoperative rehabilitation
Minimizes post-operative infection

Joints India team is highly skilled and dedicated to providing the best treatment as well as help for traumatic patients. Dr Rajeev K. Sharma personally keeps on eyes the trauma management system of Joints India.