Degenerative Arthritis is the fate of mankind, only the extent of involvement differs from one individual to another. Arthritis is a reality, which needs to be understood and accepted. Effects of age are visible on our skin, graying of our hair and our diminishing sight. Similar changes are taking place in our joints. The difference is that changes in joints are taking place without being visible to our eyes, hence accepting them is a little difficult. Read More


The knee joint is one of the most complex joints in the body. Apart from bending and straightening; it allows other complex movements such as rotation and gliding. The natural knee consists of three bones: the thigh bone (Femur), the shin bone (Tibia) and the knee cap (Patella). The lower end of the femur, the upper end of the tibia and the undersurface of the patella are all covered by articular cartilage. Read More


Conventional Total Hip Replacement is a very successful procedure for the treatment of Hip Arthritis. The purpose of total hip replacement is to remove the two damaged and worn parts of the hip joint – the hip socket (acetabulum) and the ball (femoral head) – and replace them with smooth, artificial implants called prostheses, which will help make the hip strong, stable, and flexible again. Read More


Joint replacement surgery decisively is the most successful invention in last three decades. It has given ageing a grace. Millions of elderly have benefitted with this surgery around the world. With increasing longevity octogenarian population is increasing. With lack of exercises, weight gain, structural issues and certain unknown factors arthritis is troubling our younger population as well, to some very badly and to some too early. Read More


It is endoscopic and stitchless surgery. You need half a day of admission to the hospital. You will be allowed to perform routine activities from day one of the surgery. Arthroscopy has a palliative role in Osteoarthritis rather than a curative one. It can improve the locking of the joint and it does help in acute exacerbation of pain because of a degenerative meniscal tear. In some cases of early arthritis, it works wonderfully well for a few years. Read More


The initial assessment and management of seriously injured patients is a challenging task and requires a rapid and systematic approach. This systematic approach can be practiced to increase the speed and accuracy of the process but the good clinical judgment is also required. Although described in sequence, some of the steps will be taken simultaneously. The aim of Joints India trauma care is to prevent early trauma mortality. Read More